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The Distracted Generation

The internet is a wonderful thing. Without it you wouldn't even be reading this paragraph. It has all the information you could need to learn whatever you like... it also has every distraction possible to interrupt that learning. Most software released these days has some sort of online component, so you can 'share' or 'sync'. And yes the connectivity can be beneficial but when you need to get down to an intense hour or more of study you shouldn't be thinking about anything except your study materials.

Over the last decade there has been more research into the effects of task switching which is especially relevant given the buffet of options available when connected. It's been found that even if you look at another task for a short time (e.g. checking your social media feed, quick online shop) there will be some attention residue from that task when you try to re-focus.

Our solution

Simply, go offline. Zofoco is designed to be used solely offline, it has no connection to any cloud, no social media sharing, just does the one task very well. And if you must sync between devices, you can choose to export your data to one of your cloud folders where it will sync when you're back online.

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