The classic study approach

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There are thousands of flashcard apps on the internet, with many different styles and approaches. And there is good reason for that, flash cards work. The act of testing yourself and practicing memory retention over spaced periods of time is one of the most effective approaches. That is why we included the flashcard app functionality in Zofoco... and a bit more.

You have the functionality to add individual flashcards or drag and drop text files in to load hundreds at once. You can repeat cards as much as you like or set them to not repeat for a week or a month. You can divide them into different decks. And all of this can be tracked with the logging features discussed in other articles but that's not why we think we've done things a bit differently.

The extra feature that we've added to Zofoco that we feel you'll like is the ability to seamlessly turn your flashcards into audio files, with the cards spoken to you as you do the dishes.

First things first

Adding a card is simple, state what you would like on the front and back. Choose a deck and save.

You can see in the above example we also use the acronym generator. It turns your list into tiles so you can try different combinations. Then when ready it will add in that order to the flashcard.


On the database page you have the option to export all to a text file. And you also have the option to drag and drop text files in. As long as they are two columns of front and back Zofoco will read and sort them into the table.

The text file in the above example had over 5000 rows and updated pretty quick so should be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

Does what it says on the tin

For the actual flashcard review there's not much to be said, you click to reveal answers and then choose how long you would like to wait.

The secret sauce

This is the cool bit. On the Notewave tab you can see all of your flashcards, give them a little shuffle, choose your parameters then create some audio! You can choose the gap between call and response as well as the gender of the speaker

You can just play the audio from the app or save them to .wav files. The audio files are saved to a location of your choosing to play on any device you like. You can create a few different versions with them shuffled in different orders. Immerse yourself in the material.

Be different

Hope you find the acronym builder and the audio note creator a nice addition to your study toolkit. We tried to do something a bit different with this. If there's anything else flashcard related you'd like to see let us know.

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