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For any exam, understanding the material on the syllabus is of highest importance but the depth of how well you need to understand it varies because ultimately if it's not examined extensively you might be wasting valuable minutes and hours on something that doesn't gain you any extra marks.

And even though you may know some material well, if you don't know how to structure your answer in the way the examiner likes or are not able to spot keywords in the questions to know which part of the course is being examined then you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage versus those who do. It would be splendid if we lived in a world where you could just absorb the material and use it when required in life... but if you're doing exams you need to play the game and know where to focus and how to answer.

What can Zofoco do for me

We can't stress enough the importance of exam preparation, especially with university and professional exams. In Zofoco we've focused on making past exam paper practice as easy as possible. Every question you do will be saved to a question bank you can then repeat again later. We don't have an entry for how many marks you think you got on the question because,

  1. You're not the professional examiner so would be second guessing the exact number
  2. You're not under exam conditions yet
  3. It really doesn't matter early in your studies and can negatively effect motivation
Instead after each we just ask the difficulty level so you can filter on that later to see which questions you tend to find difficult currently and need a little practice on.

Tags et al

After each question you will also have the option to immediately add a new flashcard if there's a part of the question you need to memorise. You can save your answers in the official answer box that is only viewable when you tap on it with the mouse and goes invisible again as soon as you move away - useful for those little hints. We've mentioned tags elsewhere but these also boost your options of what to focus on during the study session. You can pick based on tag, based on paper, based on course, based on difficulty - a buffet of options.

Does it really matter

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It feels nice to read new information and learn something new but if you really want the new information to sink in you have to repeatedly test yourself on it so your brain gets better at retrieving the information. This can be done with flashcards (which you can also use in Zofoco) but given the reasons already covered above, part of your testing should really be using examples from the exam you are going to sit. The weighting of how much time you give to this is up to personal preference but Zofoco has the tools to make studying more effective if/when you choose to try past exams.

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