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Search around and ask around, there will be 'systems' that people use for organising some of the smallest things. A common system a lot of people spend time on is tagging their data. There tends to be two camps of those who love it and those who see it as a waste of time. We think there is a middle ground, tag fast and move on. Don't use it as an excuse to procrastinate making the perfect set of tags.

How does Zofoco do it

Adding easily

Any chapter summary or question bank entry can have tags assigned. We considered the flashcards too but felt that would overcomplicate that step (you tend to just pick a deck for a course and go). Once you enter your question or chapter entry there is enough information for the tag generation to get to work. There's no fancy AI or machine learning with this, although we may look into that down the line. It's simply taking all the words in the question/summary and subtracting generic words from a special exclusion list. If words keep getting suggested that you would never want as a tag, simply right click and it is banished to the exclusion list. You can take a word off the exclusion list if you need to.

Chapter Summary Example

Question Bank Example

You can also just add them manually if you want to

So many tags so much saved time

The tag viewer keeps all the tags in one place so you can search for whichever topic you need a bit more work on and see immediately all the questions related to it as well as all the chapters related to it and open them at your leisure.

Minimal effort, maximum return

That is all we're using tags for in Zofoco, no extra steps. No convoluted organisational systems, tag as you go then use the viewer later if you wish. We want you to focus on effectively testing yourself with the least amount of time wasted, not arranging notes.

If you would like to see some sort of tagging feature added to flashcards too or any other requests to make your studying smoother let us know. We're a small team but open to new ideas.

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