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Why track time

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A famous patent clerk once said that time is relative.
When it comes to studying that is definitely the case. How many times have you felt like you've been studying for ages and you check the watch and it's only 5 minutes. Or those rarer times when you get into the flow and an afternoon can fly by.

It is useful to know how long tasks are taking us so we can plan better and also to know when we should really give ourselves a break (and other times when we should perhaps work a bit harder). With that in mind, given how busy most people are do you really want to have to log all of this yourself?

What Zofoco does

Thankfully in the Zofoco app it's made simple and easy.
You can log time and tasks in 3 main ways.

1. Study intervals

On your home page there is a study interval timer, you can set your study time and your rest time. It will repeat until you ask it to stop.
We've include a little animation of a pie filling up in quarters for every interval and each four intervals a circle is saved.

To ensure you keep to your break times the homepage will be selected at the start of every rest. You can set this and forget it. Don't need to think about when your break is near, it will take care of it for you.

2. Task Logger

This is something we particularly like, Zofoco essentially has three main hubs for studing in - the question bank, the chapter summaries and the flashcards. When in any of these sections this task logger will record the length of time in this little block of text.

It doesn't go anywhere else, just here for your eyes only. If you want to save it elsewhere for your records, you can click the share button to copy the text to your clipboard. If you would like more detail, tapping the text reveals some more information from each line.

If you would like an entry deleted or to pause the logging that can easily be chosen using a right click.

3. Question timer

Now you can set your study times and track what you've been working on easily enough - what about if you want to time specific questions to get your exam pace right? There's a feature for that too.

The time for each question will be saved to the question bank for each answer you give.

Control your time

We've aimed to provide the tools for you to control your study time without taking your time. Removing as many barriers to effective study as we can. Let us know what you think of these, if they can be improved upon and any additional metrics you might like.

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